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ITV Academy News Traineeship 2024: What's it really like?

Ever thought about a career in News Journalism?

We've got you covered with our Academy News Traineeship open for applications.

But don't take our word for it... hear from some of the great colleagues that have taken part in the scheme.

Ned Kelly (current trainee 2023-2024)

“The growth you’ll feel as a journalist and as a person will be quicker than you realise. If you have a positive attitude and a drive to work hard, no matter what your level of experience is, you’ll smash it! In under three months, I’ve been responsible for producing GMB and lunchtime bulletins by myself. You’ll soon pick up how to think editorially, edit footage, and how to write your scripts in a concise and interesting way.

Lauren White (trainee 2022-2023)

“The ITV News traineeship is without a doubt the best programme of its type in the business. It doesn’t matter what your background is, personally or career-wise, if you can show you’re dedicated to learning the craft of broadcast journalism, then you can go on to succeed, with hard work and determination”

Simran Johal (trainee 2022-2023)

“Since completing the traineeship, I produce all the bulletins, including for the Good Morning Britain local opts, lunchtime and late, and at the weekend – where you’re both the news editor and the producer! I’ve also been out reporting, including a story which led the programme. I’ve also newsgathered on some of the region’s biggest events, including Eurovision, which saw me out across Liverpool for the whole day!”

Will Tullis (trainee 2022)

Getting a place on the ITV News Traineeship three years ago was the start of a truly eye-opening and life-changing journey with ITV News for me.

I have just finished a year-long attachment as a producer in the Washington DC bureau during a busy year that has included travel to Hawaii to cover the Maui wildfires; Maine where we covered the deadliest mass shooting of the year in the US; Atlanta and New York for Donald Trump's historic indictments; El Salvador to cover the opening of Latin America's largest "mega prison"; Cuba where we reported on an unravelling humanitarian crisis and climate change, and Jamaica where we spoke to people on the eve of King Charles' Coronation about their feelings towards the monarchy in a country transitioning towards a republic.

Amelia Beckett (trainee 2021)

“I was able to shadow reporters, work on stories alongside them and then pitch and produce an original investigation just five months after starting. This ultimately gave me the experience to apply for an OSJ attachment before being appointed as the permanent Lincolnshire reporter.”

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