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While we’re best known for our creative approach on screen, that’s not the only place where the action happens.

Things can get just as exciting behind the scenes too, as our Corporate teams take on some of the biggest challenges our industry has ever seen.

As the true engine room of our business, they put the ITV Way to work every day working across the business to make things happen in HR, Finance, Comms, Marketing, Legal and more.

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Group Marketing

At ITV, we do creativity at scale - without fear or caution - and our Marketing team are where it happens. It’s filled with creative masterminds who take a bold and brave approach to deciding what we see on our screens.

From dramas, soaps, celebrity and reality, to factual, news and sport, the team is always searching for up and coming talent, new output strands, and the next big thing.

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ITV Creative & Experiences

ITV Creative is a multi-award winning team of Creatives, Designers, Producers, Channel Continuity Managers, Campaign Managers, and more. All working in the ITV way to make it together, make it new, and make it brilliant - in every way possible

Put simply, it's an in-house, full-service creative ad agency - right at the heart of ITV. The team is responsible for creating and producing on and off-air advertising and brand communications aimed at both UK and international markets.

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There’s no such thing as a typical finance job at ITV. Why? Because we’ve created a place where we can apply creativity without caution in everything we do, every day we do it.

Our Finance roles touch every element of our business, from sponsorship deals to production accounting and from working with international colleagues to dealing with the City, and our Finance teams are based across the country, in a number of locations.

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Legal, Business Affairs & Governance

At the heart of the ITV Way is a commitment to working together and taking ownership. And as a listed and highly regulated producer and broadcaster, we have a lot of obligations to meet - and own.

So, as well as working within the production, broadcasting, commercial and online businesses, we have central group legal functions alongside our compliance teams. 

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Our HR team helps us deliver our strategy by putting people at the heart of our business - in other words, by guiding and inspiring us all to do things the ITV Way. That means performing at our best, taking ownership, working together and embracing our differences.

Whatever we do, we do it for our people. 

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Group Comms & Public Affairs

Doing things the ITV Way means making sure that ITV is for everyone. It’s about being open, and embracing every difference, not to mention the variety that makes us all who we are.

And when it comes to variety, our Communications teams really deliver as they drive the comms strategies that support our goals right across our business, in Broadcast, Commercial & Online, and ITV Studios.

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