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Tech, Product and Data

ITV is a digital technology business at heart.

Behind every famous face, every programme and every channel, ITV has a market leading technology team working hard to make it together, make it new, and make it brilliant.. There’s a vast array of systems and processes designed to keep a business like ours, with an increasingly global reach, moving forward - which means tech at ITV really does offer something for everyone.

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We’re transforming everything

In fact, technology underpins everything we do. It’s why we’re able to create great content and deliver it to our viewers, it drives new commercial opportunities, and it makes communication and collaboration easier than ever.

So, what sets us apart?
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Software Engineering

Our Software Engineering department is a place where people make things happen. New ideas. New technology. New futures. It’s what the ITV Way is all about.

The team is primarily responsible for looking after our supply chain of content, right through to delivering it to our audiences via modern video players, while making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible from a technical perspective.

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On Demand

At ITV, we're not just transforming our business into a digital first organisation. We're also transforming broadcasting by making our brilliant shows available wherever, whenever and however our audiences want to watch them.

That's what our More than TV strategy is all about. And our On Demand products are right at the heart of it all. 

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Project & Service Delivery

Our cross-functional Project and Service Delivery teams work at the heart of ITV's digital transformation. They help a huge number of teams from around our business - including HR, Finance and Workplace technology - become more effective and more efficient.

Put simply, our More than TV strategy couldn't happen without them.

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Data doesn’t just drive our business - it drives every decision we make. It’s also what powers the thinking behind the ITV Way, and it helps us understand what we need to do to inspire our existing audiences and reach out to new ones, perform at our best, and deliver our More than TV strategy.

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Cyber Security

Connecting with millions of people every day means keeping millions of people - and their data - safe. 

Data and tech are at the heart of the ITV Way, so it makes sense that our Cyber Security team operate at the heart of our business. A true priority for us, it’s about transforming our broadcast, growing our unique content expanding our digital products in a safe way so that millions around the world can enjoy our amazing creativity.

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Our Product teams really do make it all happen, taking the needs of our customers, working to our business objectives, and taking content from production to the big screen.

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Group Technology Platforms

At ITV, we call our way of working the ITV Way. It helps us get things done; it inspires us to perform at our best, enables us to work together and keeps us all on track. Our Group Technology Platform team provides the technology infrastructure we need to make this possible. 

In Group Technology Platforms we set strategy, we build technology and we run it, brilliantly. 

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Data & Artificial Intelligence

At ITV, we’re creating a place where people make things happen - new ideas, new shows, new takes on old shows, new tech, and more. And everything we create is based on detailed insight and research.

Our Data & Artificial Intelligence department represents the voice of our audiences across our business and delivers an unrivalled understanding of those audiences.

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Content Supply & Distribution

As the backbone of ITV, our Content Supply and Distribution team is responsible for connecting our creations with our customers: they take the TV that we’ve made new, made together, and made brilliant, and get it on air for our audiences to watch.

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