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Let’s talk about Technology!

The ITV Technology blog

We've recently launched the ITV technology blog. This is where the people and teams who create and build technology at ITV will share their stories.

We wanted to launch our blog by explaining the importance of technology at ITV and what you can expect to find in our updates.

Becoming a digitally led media and entertainment company

We’ve over 650 talented people in Technology & Operations. It’s a dynamic environment where no two days are the same.

Our strategic vision at ITV is to be a digitally led media and entertainment company. Whether it’s responding to a changing global media landscape by making our brilliant content available wherever people want to watch it, combining mass simultaneous reach and targeted advertising to meet the widening needs of advertisers on linear channels and on-demand platforms, or broadening the ways we interact with consumers in new areas such as shoppable and gaming, ITV technology is powering a digital transformation across our entire business every day.

And we’re also enabling our colleagues around the world to work remotely, at pace and with a digital mindset, something that’s a real priority as we strive to be the most flexible employer in media.

Join the discussion

The aim of this blog is to share details of some of our projects and create a discussion around the highs and lows of delivering them. Find out how we built BritBox in 9 months, how we’re approaching the challenge of prominence in a converged media world, or how ITV technology enabled our return to screens during the Covid pandemic. Whatever the story, I hope you’ll join us.

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