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ayesha surtyTell us about your role and how long you’ve worked at ITV?

I joined ITV Studios in January 2020, so I've spent almost three and a half years in the Global Partnerships team. I was the very first employee for ITV Studios' commercial division to be based in Singapore.


What’s a typical week at work like for you?

A typical work week consists of managing many clients across Asia, from Sri Lanka, Nepal and India in South Asia, to key clients who are mainly production companies in Thailand and Vietnam, and then very large networks of broadcasters in the Philippines, Indonesia and Mongolia. They licence ITV’s biggest brands and platinum entertainment formats, creating local versions of The VoiceHell’s KitchenCome Dine with Me and many more. Essentially, I’m on the phone a lot and also emailing proposals, solving problems, participating in internal meetings and being on top of my sales target numbers.


What first sparked your interest in working in the media/ITV?

I’ve been working in the broadcast media industry since 2006, first in India and now in Singapore. I love watching all kinds of content, movies and tv shows, so being a part of this dynamic industry seemed a natural fit for me. I’ve always had an affinity towards British television shows as I grew up watching a lot of them on tv in India - I love shows like Some Mothers Do Have ‘EmMind Your Language and Sherlock Holmes to name a few. British television content has always resonated with me the most, which is why ITV made perfect sense.

What’s your favourite show either produced or distributed by ITV Studios?

Hands down it would have to be Schitt’s Creek in our catalogue, and in the entertainment space, Love Island and The Graham Norton Show are a few of my all-time favourites.

What do you consider to be a career highlight?

I don’t think I have one particular career highlight, but something that I feel proud and happy about is building relationships with my clients and earning their trust, and being able to form long lasting business relationships across various organisations all over Asia.

What’s your favourite thing about working at ITV?

I love the dynamism and the pace at ITV. The superior content we consistently create, licence and distribute, and also the spirit of creativity across production and marketing is what makes me love working here.

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