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Gaming, Live Events & Merchandising

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think More than TV?

For us, Games, Live and Merchandising are near the top of that list, and we’re building an innovative and entrepreneurial team that’s focusing hard on brand new and profitable opportunities in partnership with our ITV Studios UK brands.

Day to day, the team develop commercial partnerships, often with third party investment. They launch products, manage brand licences, and oversee the delivery of projects alongside category specialists. And they work hand in hand with a number of production teams to offer fabulous products and experiences.

You might have heard about - and even used - some of their recent products.

They include Love Island and Hells Kitchen themed hit mobile games that have had over 12m and 2m downloads respectively. 

Then there’s a set tours business that has already given more than 1.2 million Emmerdale and Corrie fans the opportunity to visit the sets of their fave shows. A gaming business that licences a range of brand licences to third party gaming operators. And a Ninja Warrior leisure attraction business with sites across the UK.

In terms of merchandising, the team have launched a range of e-commerce shops, including a Love Island store that has sold over 700K personalised water bottles. There are Tour Merchandise operations, including the Emmerdale store which boasts the David's Shop Tote Bag as a best seller. And finally, a teleshopping business that runs post midnight on the ITV main channel every night of the week for 2-3 hours of live broadcast.

When we say we’re More than TV, we really do mean it.

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