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Programme Strategy & Scheduling

It’s one thing making content that our audiences can’t get enough of.

It’s an equally huge challenge to make sure that they’re able to watch it.

That’s where our Programme, Strategy & Scheduling team come in. It’s where we decide our programming strategies for each of our channels, and where we manage scheduling across ITV together with non-linear content for the ITV Hub to maximise viewing.

The team works closely with our finance and budgeting teams, with our Business Affairs team for contracting, our Marketing team for promotion, our Commissioning team for new shows, as well as our tech teams for ITV Hub, content delivery and compliance. 

Key measures of performance include ratings and audience size, and each channel has its own target audience which drive decisions around programming. The team also plays a key role in delivering our More than TV strategy as it focuses on driving up digital viewing across the ITV Hub and around our extra content.

Across the team you’ll find a Director of Programming and Strategy, a Head of Digital Channels and Acquisitions, Schedulers and Assistant Schedulers, and an Acquisitions team. It’s a hugely competitive marketplace when it comes to opportunities which means you’ll almost certainly need previous experience in a TV or broadcast environment to stand out.

More specifically, we look for expertise in broadcast ops and/or media planning, a good understanding of audiences and content, and genuine attention to detail. 

And if you can bring all that, and you’re just as committed as we are to making it together, making it new, and making it brilliant, you’ll discover a great department to work in, opportunities to get to know our business from lots of different angles, and a career where progression happens naturally.

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