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Data doesn’t just drive our business - it drives every decision we make.

It’s also what powers the thinking behind the ITV Way, and it helps us understand what we need to do to inspire our existing audiences and reach out to new ones, perform at our best, and deliver our More than TV strategy.

Here’s where our data teams make the most impact…

Behavioural Data Engineering team 

Our Behavioural Data Engineering team own the systems that collect, process, and analyse mountains of behavioural data. These systems provide the insight that drives business decisions, power features on the ITV Hub, and help us understand how our services are being used, and how to make them better for our registered 30 million users.

Data Insight Group (DIG)

Established in 2018, our Data Insight Group brings together our Analytics and Data Science teams into one area of best practice. The team works closely with all data-rich areas of our business including ITV Hub, ITV Interactive, Marketing, Commercial and BritBox, and is growing fast as we move towards being a fully data driven digital business.

Data Analysts

Our Data Analysts help establish measurement frameworks that optimise business performance. It involves delivering regular reports and ad hoc insight projects, looking at how our content and products are being used, delivering trend analyses, and setting up tests and experiments.

Data Scientists

Our Data Scientists are here to figure out how we’re able to affect user behaviour more directly. For example, they build the models and algorithms that recommend content to ITV Hub users that can improve their viewing experiences. It’s all about using advanced techniques to manipulate huge datasets, exploring patterns, and identifying features for model development. The team has a strong background in Mathematics, Computer and programming in languages such as Python or R.

Advanced Advertising

Our data team works in collaboration with commercial and advertising technology to drive more effective advertising on ITV Hub. Using first party data and sophisticated modelling methodologies, we develop audience insight that support our clients to plan their marketing campaign, addressable products that ensure their ads reach the most relevant audiences for their products and services, as well as measurement solutions that demonstrate the effectiveness of ITV advertising in driving business outcomes.

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