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Customer & Viewer Services

We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our customers, our viewers and our audiences...

...which is why our Customer & Viewer Services team plays such an important role across our business.

Just as ITV is for everyone, the team supports everyone who needs us, and is essentially one huge customer service function based in a modern and fast moving call centre environment. 

As the main point of contact for customers and viewers, the team answers a huge range of queries every day. From help with logging in to the ITV Hub, to technical questions, to ideas for programmes and news stories, to complaints, to requests for autographs from our on screen stars. And, as a result, they work closely with many other areas of the business to make sure our customers get the experience they expect.

You never know what will happen next. That means excellent communication and listening skills, plenty of patience, and the commitment to really understanding what a customer needs are important skills for everyone on the team to have.

Typical roles include Customer Service Representatives, Customer Service Agents, and Technical Support Agents, and many of the team bring customer service experience from retail or contact centre environments.

But what’s most important is the impact the team has on that customer experience every time they take a call or answer an email. When a customer calls for the first time, the way that query is handled could make a huge difference to the relationship they have with ITV in the future.

That’s what the ITV Way is all about… whoever the customer is, and whatever they need from us, we’re here to make it together, make it new, and make it brilliant.

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