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Software Engineer working at desktop computer

Software Engineering

We're not just here to make things happen.

We're here to make products that touch people's lives. It's about new ideas. New technology. New experiences. New futures. It’s about much more than just TV.

And it's all down to our people.

We're a much smaller team than you expect. But what makes Software Engineering different at ITV is that we each have the freedom and the trust to make our own decisions when it really matters.

It keeps us lean and agile, and that means we're able to set the pace across our industry. 

Our engineers touch every part of our business

Day to day, our teams are responsible for our supply chain of content, beginning with the tech that helps us get new ideas off the ground. Then, we make sure we're able to deliver that content to our audiences, including live shows and other customer experiences across our Hub or on Britbox. While alongside, our Core Ad Tech team leverages the latest technology and practices to improve our advertising performance. 

And behind it all, our engineers touch almost every part of our business, from ITV Studios to Central Tech, as they look after the infrastructure that powers ITV user accounts, billing, and more.

We take a forward thinking approach, and you can see that in our state-of-the-art cloud-first tech stack. We're talking Scala, Kotlin and Java on the back end. React and Javascript on the front end. And we're always open to the next big thing, whatever that might be.

Our working environment is one-of-a-kind

Our environment and the way we work really stands out, too. We've created a one-of-a-kind workplace that empowers everyone to be themselves, and to be their best. And it's somewhere that drives us all to make it together, make it new, and make it brilliant. 

After all, we wouldn't be able to create incredible experiences for our audiences if we didn't do it for our people first.

So here, you'll be able to make the most of a chilled out atmosphere that's flexible, sociable, and family friendly. We've made sure that we're able to collaborate like never before, and we provide everything from cool breakout spaces to video calling tech. We're a Mac-first team, and we'll make sure you have the kit you need to do your best work. And we regularly reach out and engage with the wider tech and software engineering community.

We’re a team that really pushes the limits

Above all, we're a team of Software Engineers, Platform Engineers, Testers and more, at the top of our game at every level. We're Graduates and Apprentices who are just starting out on amazing career paths. And we all share a commitment to pushing our skills to the limits, and learning as much as we can - here at ITV and beyond.

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