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Work experience and mentoring opportunities

Our work experience and mentoring opportunities are a great way to get a feel for what it’s really like to work in TV production. And they can help you make your mind up when it comes to what roles might suit you best, too.

Work experience

We all love watching TV, but have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes and how to get a job? Well, we offer work experience to give you the chance to find out!  

Our work experience schemes usually consist of a programme of masterclasses, CV clinics and support that will take place over a six or twelve month period and are held virtually. They are offered mainly within the tv companies that make entertainment or documentaries.  You will also have the opportunity (optional and subject to production schedules) to apply for a week’s in person work experience.  You will gain a good understanding of how our TV programmes are produced (behind camera) as well as career advice in order for you to apply for paid opportunities. Work experience placements are open to everyone 18 years and older.

Being part of this Programme gives you access to a range of people who make the programmes through masterclasses, and networking events which will  inform and advise on the best ways of breaking into the business, as well as the chance to broaden your network and be given the opportunity to gain first-hand behind the scenes experience.  You’ll have access to:

  • Masterclasses with senior programme makers

  • Meet the ITV Studios Talent Teams who 

These Programmes are advertised on ITV Careers and our talent team social media channels: Facebook and Instagram on @itvlovestalent.

You can also hear from some of our work experience alumni here.
Don’t just watch it. Be part of it.


We’re also actively involved in lots of pan industry schemes focused on mentoring young people who want to break into, or progress within, the TV Industry.  
For further information and resources ScreenSkills supports mentoring in the screen industries across the UK by offering free e-learning modules for mentors and mentees.  ScreenSkills also provides a range of useful, downloadable resources and templates for those setting up, or taking part in mentoring schemes. 

You can find out more here and a list of some current schemes here.

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