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Digital Products

Being More than TV means interacting with our audiences and consumers in more ways than one.

And our Digital Products team is where it all happens.

Their challenge is to figure out how we can monetise our consumer interactions through competitions, live events, merchandising, pay per view, SVOD, and, in the future, shopping and gaming too.

Right now, we generate revenue in the UK through our ITV Hub+, and we also have BritBox

UK which is a joint venture with the BBC.

ITV Digital Products are right at the heart of our More Than TV Strategy. Our strategic vision is to be a digitally led media & entertainment company that creates and brings our brilliant content to audiences wherever, whenever and however they choose. And our digital product portfolio takes our content to viewers and allows them to interact with it.

We provide video on demand through the ITV Hub and Hub+. And we also deliver News to digital audiences, and allow viewers to interact and deepen their relationship with their favourite shows on our companion mobile apps.

ITV Digital Products are used by millions of viewers everyday demonstrating the strength of their product market fit. The ITV Hub, for example, has over 35m registered user accounts and over 500k subscribers to Hub+.

The ITV Digital Product team operates between the business and our viewers. We’re highly data and research driven. We use insight to make informed decisions. And we know there’s always a huge number of products we can build.

So, our role is to evaluate every opportunity against our business KPIs and outcomes to make sure we build valuable products for both ITV and our viewers. It’s about assessing business value, viewer usability, tech feasibility and business viability - all so we can continue to deliver the most valuable product experiences in the industry.

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