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Content Supply & Distribution

As the backbone of ITV, our Content Supply and Distribution teams connect our creations with our customers.

They take the TV that we’ve made new, made together, and made brilliant, and get it on air for our audiences to watch.

That means making sure it hits all of our linear and on-demand platforms correctly. That metadata, audio and video, and access services are correct. And that it all happens in the ITV Way.

It’s about minimising issues, supporting our people to develop and improving our performance - all while having ITV’s strategic, inclusive and green ambitions at heart.

Channel Operations

On the Channel Operations side, the team looks after television schedules, creates press and transmission playlists and manages our playout and distribution providers. Across the department, you’ll find Channel Scheduling teams solving the puzzles presented by our channel transmission playlists, and making sure they deliver maximum value.

Channel Services

Our Channel Services teams are responsible for managing relationships with partners like BT, RedBee and Arqiva - all of whom play key roles in our broadcast chain.

Specialist Broadcast Services

Our Specialist Broadcast Services team handles regulatory scheduling and regionality issues. That means special events such as the Euros and World Cups together with last minute or emergency schedule changes once on-air. And the team works hard to support the 23 regional variations of our Main Channel as well as our digital channels.

Content Services

Alongside, we have Content Services which is where you’ll find Archive Specialists and Content Delivery and Content Operations coordinators. All  working closely together to deliver our content in the right place, in the right time, in the right format.

Core Ad Tech and Ops

Our Core Ad Tech and Ops teams make sure our breaks are in line with client, sales team and regulation requirements. And at the same time, they’re also busy working on the future of targeted advertising as they support our new platform Planet V.

CS&D Technology

The entire department is supported by our CS&D Technology teams who continuously evolve the ITV ecosystem with business and results driven approaches. They work on tailor-made products that are used by our colleagues both within the department and within the wider ITV, while managing platform development, service changes and launches.

Access Services

Our Access Services teams provide all subtitles and audio descriptions for content going out on our channels. Ultimately, they’re here to make sure our shows are accessible to as many of our viewers as possible.

ITV Signpost

Finally, there’s ITV Signpost, which is a true centre of excellence for on-screen sign language production with genuine diversity in its DNA. Based at Television House in Gateshead, and home to on-screen sign language presenters, technical production specialists, animators and creative production specialists, the mixed-ability team provides sign language content for our entire family of channels.

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